About us


We are a company with more than 14 years in the market. We implement information technology solutions, which are aimed at optimizing business processes in all types of industries. Understanding the business, and knowing the technology, allows us to advise and implement robust solutions for your organization.


Create a relationship of trust with each of our clients, whom we call «Strategic Business Partners», to implement cutting-edge technological projects, differentiating ourselves by our commitment, professionalism and passion for what we do.


Develop, integrate and implement information technology with focus on the optimization of business processes, which generate added value for our customers.


Integrity, Leadership, Responsibility, Respect, Confidentiality, and Constant Innovation.


We have a wide range of services to assist your company

Oriented to improve the functioning of your organization through the implementation or development of information technology. We provide comprehensive advice and help in the implementation of the final solution by measuring the results. Among the consulting services are: Digital Transformation, Project Management, Enterprise System Integrations.

Professional Services
Our team provides support through a range of offerings that help you achieve specific results related to technology adoption and innovation in your company.

IT Outsourcing
Our Talented People work as members of your local team, supporting your dailys and reporting directly to your managers or leaders, which results in a competitive advantage for your business.

Tech Solutions

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    Adda Tech Security

    Adda Tech has designed a solution that combines: Video Surveillance Systems (including video analytics), with Artificial Intelligence Models and Big Data Technologies, to not only prevent crime, but to predict events that may cause loss of life. This marks a before and after for public safety. *Access our security microsite by clicking below for more information.

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    Robotic Process Automation

    Now, with our RPA Solutions it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software. Among global executives, +63% say RPA is a major component in digital transformation. RPA technology is changing how the world gets work done.

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    Conversational IA Platforms

    Our solution connects people and brands through their AI-powered Conversational Cloud. Our clients embrace conversational marketing across a variety of digital messaging channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp, along with messaging on their brand website or mobile app to boost their sales.

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    Big Data & Business Analytics

    Use big data to collect, store, and process large volumes of data and help your company make better decisions, even in real time. Our solutions allow you to deploy projects on premise and in the cloud.


We have developed strong strategic alliances with recognized manufacturers of hardware and software, and through these relationships we can offer and implement the latest technological trends in responding to the challenges of today’s business.


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